Wade & Georgie - Surprise Rainy Wedding; Hillandale Bathurst

Wade and Georgie came are two people that a fun, loveable and a great laugh. The kind of people you just want to hang out with, the kind of people that when they come to you and say, we want to surprise everyone at our engagement party and get married, you say Heck Yeah!

We chatted, I came out to have a look at their property and we made plans and finally, the day came where we headed to Hillandale Gardens for their first look, where Georgie came and met Wade on the day of their wedding.

We then headed to their property outside Bathurst NSW to take a few quick snaps and join the festivities, KFC Buckets and all. Georgie and Wade’s guests had no idea that they were at an engagement party turning into a wedding, and boy the excitement was real.

The second surprise of the evening was the rains that broke the drought period we’d been in at the time. When the rain came, everyone pitched in to make sure the food and the beers (essentials of course) were safe, but when the wedding was full of farmers, there’s not a person in the shed that was mad at the rain.