Alexis & Veronica - Australian Elopement; Hillandale Gardens

Alexis and Veronica are two beautiful humans with a lovely story. Alexis if from France and came to Australia on a back packing trip, needless to say, he’s still here and he chose to spend his life with Veronica.
Alexis and Veronica whilst having an Australian Civil Ceremony/Wedding are also Marrying over in France where Alexis is from.

Whilst their ceremony here was light hearted and fun, including direct quotes from Friends. Unfortunately it was held in Australia due to Veronicas Grandparents not being able to make the trip to France due to illnesses. This Elopement will hold a special place in my heart as I know it does theirs being able to document such special moments with a beautiful story, knowing these images with her grandparents will last a lifetime.

Thank you so much for having me Veronica & Alexis